Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Day, Another Way to Lose....

This losing stretch is awfully depressing. The Mets just keep losing- and it doesn't look like the shortcomings will end tonight as the Mets are trailing 6-1 in the seventh inning. The whole team just looks dead when they play. There is no life, no enthusiasm, no energy. Frankly, I guess no one can blame them in that regard. I'm sure that it isn't much fun when you lose. But there is no sense of urgency, no attitude that tells me that they have any desire to snap out of this funk. Where are the upset rants in the dugouts by fed-up team leaders? Are there even team leaders? Where are the drastic measures from Willie Randolph to inspire his ballclub? Why not bench Delgado or Beltran until they show that they really want to play? There is no desire. I don't get the feeling that the Mets' players are all that excited about playing baseball.

Whether or not they are enjoying to play, I know for sure that they are not very much fun to watch. It is painful to watch this team play right now. There comes a point in time when an individual loses all confidence in something. I sometimes lose all confidence in my golf swing off the tee, and it has bad repercussions. I often lose confidence in Michigan's defense in college football, and they do not disappoint my low expectations (in fact, they sometimes exceed them). Right now, I have absolutely no confidence in this Mets team. You know it's bad when your team trails 3-1 in the second inning, and you are already convinced that they are going to lose, as it was last night. Tonight, I have the game turned off after the sixth inning, because I have no confidence in the Mets' ability right now. Not in the pitching, not in the hitting, not in the fielding, nothing. It's not going to get any better either. After dropping two out of three to the Diamondbacks, getting swept by the Phillies, dropping two out of three to the Tigers, and being swept by the Dodgers, the Mets will play three against the red-hot Yankees in the Bronx, and then play the Twins, Athletics, and Cardinals during a nine-game homestand. It is safe to say that the Mets had better get it turned around soon, or they will be WAY under water by the All Star break.

I did call this blog "For Better or For Worse", implying that I will follow this team whether they win or not. I would say that this is probably the stretch of the season commonly referred to as the "worse". I really can't wait until this whole thing is in the rear-view mirror.

Let's Go Mets, regardless! Let's get something going in the Bronx.

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