Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cutting it close

I haven't posted for a long time. Sorry. I forgot my account password and couldn't post. A lot has happened since my last entry, including the Mets losing another series to the Braves, winning thrilling games in comeback fashion against the Rockies and Diamondbacks (thanks in large measure to Damion Easley), and watching Reyes, Beltran and Green to stay really hot, and Wright and Delgado stay really cold. El Duque, Valentin, and Alou took trips to the DL, and only Alou has returned so far. John Maine and Jose Reyes were the NL pitchers and players of the month, respectively, while youngster Mike Pelfrey has struggled mightily (0-4 record, 6.39 ERA). Oliver Perez has pitched very well this season, and it appeared as if his hot streak would continue after four solid innings against the Giants yesterday. Half an hour and nine runs later, however, Perez was gone, and is now perhaps back to square one. (By the way, how many Molinas are going to hurt the Mets? First Yadier in the NLCS last year, now Bengie hits two homers in one inning. When will it end???)

Personally, I think Perez will be fine. He'll throw a no-hitter next time out against the Brewers. You heard it here first...

David Wright is slumping badly- and he knows it too. In the last ten games, he was hitting right around the Mendoza line (.200), as well as hitting an abysmal .175 in day games. His average for the season is .247 with two homers and just 11 RBI's. So what's the problem? Too many celebrity photo shoots? Too many wax likenesses, video game covers, and airplane namesakes? A bad swing, maybe?

How about none of the above.

In the end, Wright realized what the real problem was: his hair was too long. Okay, not really, but in an attempt to get on a hot streak, Wright had bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello shave his head clean after Monday night's game. Inspired, rest of the team decided to follow suit and get buzz cuts themselves. Lo Duca began a parade through the visitors clubhouse at AT&T Park during pregame today, with Beltran, his accomplise and razor-bearer, leaving few survivors. In fact, only Glavine, Heilman, Sele and Reyes did not give in to the pressure of cutting their hair, but all four plan to oblige before the Mets game Friday night against the Brewers at Shea. Here are some photos of Mets players David Wright and Shawn Green showing off their new look during batting practice prior to Tuesday's game:

It's working so far: Wright is 2-for-3 with two doubles and and RBI tonight.