Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shootings

The world was shocked today when they heard about the dreadful shootings at Virginia Tech University. I believe that the most recent death toll was somwhere in the high 30's, with almost twenty more wounded- some in critical condition as we speak. As much as I'd like to put in my thoughts, I won't for two reasons: one, you've probably heard them all already; and two, I try to keep this blog on the Mets as much as possible.

Having said that, the tragedy has a interesting tie-in to Mets third baseman David Wright, who is from Virginia. The following note was taken from a baseball blog at Ben Shpigel writes:

"David Wright... flipped on the television and saw a breaking news update about a gunman who went on a killing spree at Virginia Tech - where his brother Stephen is a 21-year-old senior.
Wright repeatedly tried to call Stephen on his cellphone, but the lines were tied up. He did not know whether Stephen was all right until another brother, Matthew, a freshman at James Madison, called him. Wright finally spoke to Stephen around 2 this afternoon.
Wright said he wasn’t sure where his brother was at the time of the shootings, but that Stephen lives off campus and is an engineering major. He probably had classes at Norris Hall, a science and engineering classroom where several of the killings took place."

Wow. It sure hits home, and shows that there are many things that are so much more important than a baseball game. For David Wright's sake, I'm glad tonight's game was rained out.

As for the families of all those who were killed or severely wounded, my prayers go out to them and I pray that God will comfort them during this time.

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